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Beachcomber Collectables – Swing hammock stands Sydney Australia

Swing hammock stands Sydney Australia are very important parts of garden edging. We would like to provide you some insight on the two types of material i.e. wood and metal for on swing hammock stands.

Wood- They are classic, strong, durable and stable. For people who would like to use hammock outdoors should buy a wooden stand which is moisture resistant. Woods like cedar, teak and cypress are climate resistance.
Metal- steel is the most commonly used material, as it is very strong and durable. The gauge of the steel is indirectly proportional to its durability. These are few basic points to be kept in mind when purchasing the stand.

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Nowhere to hang your hammock chair? No worries! Our swing hammock stands Sydney Australia are perfect for anyone struggling to find that perfect place to hang their hammock chair. Whether you are renting, short on space or just lacking in timber beams or trees, our swing hammock stands Sydney Australia are perfect for hammock chairs, camping hammocks & baby hammocks. They are easy and light to move around, very easy to assemble and disassemble & the height of the stand is adjustable.

Our swing hammock stands Sydney Australia are made of powder coated tubular aluminium & are sold in white, but could easily be spray painted to suit your surrounds.

The dimensions of the stand are:

Weight: 18.5kg, Length of stand: 1.3m, Width: 1.14m, Height, Min: 2m, Max: 2.19m

The stand comes flat packed and the dimensions of the flat pack are: 116cm * 48cm * 12cm.

Once the stand is assembled a spring is fitted through a hole in the top of the stand and this can be hooked through the eye of the hammock chair.

Where to buy hammock Sydney Australia ?

Call Beachcomber Collectables – swing hammock stands Sydney Australia on (02) 9948 1578. We specialise in beautiful Nicaraguan hammocks, which are all handmade by artisans in Nicaragua.


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