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Benefits of Beachcomber Garden Swing Hammocks Australia

Beachcomber garden swing hammocks Australia are so convenient and are the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor relaxation! garden swing hammocks, hammock australian made and stand Hammocks help reduce stress levels and increase concentration too. Ideal for garden and also for living room, porch or balcony you can read, watch TV or just relax and save room space in the most comfortable hanging chair ever!

Beachcomber garden swing hammocks Australia is not just fun and exciting, but also has a host of health benefits as a swing hammock chair helps reduce stress levels and increase concentration. The comfort, support, near weightlessness and gentle swaying calms the nervous system and is particularly helpful for people with Sensory Integration Disorders. The swaying motion also acts as an external pumping mechanism, increasing the rate of flow within the Lymphatic System – helping you feel relaxed and fresh. Hanging your swing in a balcony or open space will help you get your daily dose of Vitamin D for as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day!

High Quality Swing Hammocks Australia

Our double hammocks are all hand woven in Nicaragua. They are all double stitched which ensures an extremely soft and comfortable hammock with a lot of stretch. All our double hammocks are finished with a beautiful crocheted fringe. The hammocks all feature hand woven hardwood timber spreader bars , ensuring the hammock will not close in on you. With enough room for 2, but perfect for just one, our double hammocks are a best seller; beautiful, comfortable and functional.

The minimum hanging length we recommend for our double hammocks is 4m. The weight capacity is 250kg.

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Quality Hammocks Sydney, Brazilian Hammocks Australia made.Call now (02) 9948 1578. Based in Sydney Australia, Beachcomber Collectables has been selling high quality Beachcomber garden swing hammocks Australia.