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Hammock Garden Sydney Australia

cheap garden swing hammock Sydney AustraliaWhen you get a Hammock Garden Sydney Australia in your backyard or patio it would be a great way to relax and unwind. But what if you have no suitable trees to hang it from? No big deal: you can always buy a hammock stand.
Find out what your choices are, and how to select the best hammock stand for your place find the best Hammock Garden Sydney Australia.

It does not matter what size the hammock requires, when you purchase our Hammock Garden Sydney Australia, your problems will be solved.

Most sites that sell stands for hammocks indicate whether the stand is for a hammock with spreader bars or not, but if it is not clearly marked, ask the retailer before making your final choice. We are the best choice for Hammock Garden Sydney Australia.

Beachcomber Collectables is an Australian company based in Sydney, we have been selling hammocks worldwide since 1998.

We specialise in beautiful Nicaraguan hammocks, which are all handmade by artisans in Nicaragua.
The founder of the company, Tim, discovered these amazing hammocks and hammock chairs during his extensive travels.

He was so impressed by the quality and comfort, and also the discovery that the hammocks were judged the ‘World’s best hammock’ by the King of Spain, that he formed a working relationship with the artisans and began importing the hammocks into Australia, the USA & the UK. We have practiced fair trade principles since the beginning.

We have recently begun expanding our range to include hammock stands, camping hammocks and Brazilian hammocks. Call us at +61 419 423178 for more Hammock Garden Sydney Australia.